Vital Tips on How To Choose PC Case

Choosing the right PC case can be as challenging as choosing a good PC. A computer case isn’t just a box to pile all the computer components. It serves numerous vital functions such as protecting, cooling and providing stability to the computer components. Choosing such an important PC component requires some valuable tips. Here are a few tips on how to choose pc case that will work just as you wish.
PC cases often come with several stylized features including shape and color. The chassis varies from science fiction to utilitarian. Other major components like the exhaust fans, buttons, and LED lights all come in a variety of colors. Having a case that’s attractive and impressive doesn’t only boost one’s morale but also enhance the PC look.

PC size and its motherboards – Ensure compatibility
PC cases are built to house specific computer sizes, or with regards to motherboards. A large PC case will automatically fit most computer motherboards. Pay keen attention to the dimensions specifications and form factor of the motherboard just to ensure that computer case can hold the PC size.

Connection ports
Most of PC’s connection ports are at its back same as its case. One might, however, prefers ports located in the front as well. Such ports may be convenient for plugging in a USB, a headphone jack, or Firewire ports so they can be easily accessed.

Price tagThe amount of money one has or is willing to spend also has to be in consideration when choosing a pc case. High quality and durable PC might be preferred, but this lack aesthetic appeal but relatively expensive compared to the inferior brands. Other than the casing being made of quality material, they also offer better cooling and are more customizable hardware. The cheaper the pc case, the lower the quality. Poor quality PC is characterized by worse airflow, less customized hardware and plastic instead of aluminum/steel.

WeightLightweight computer cases are common. But these have several drawbacks. Consider heavy, vibration resistant, sturdy PC cases that will help protect your computer against common vibrations or bumps that can cause damage to PC components such as disk drive and hard drive. Also, take into account the nature of surface the PC case will be resting on. Ensure that the structure on which the PC is to be placed can support its weight and remain stable.
Internal accessibility From time to time the PC case will need to be opened up either for internal components upgrade or cleaning. Some PC cases have sliding side panels, and their internal components are easily accessible. However, other cases have to be fastened by thumbscrews or just ordinary screws. The choice of casing thus depending on the user’s frequency of opening the case
Power supply
A pc case may or may not include a power supply allowance. Review the technical specifications of all the PC components one plans on running is seriously important. It takes little time but ensures you have a case that can allow a power supply that can power or run all the PC major components simultaneously. A power supply of 400W or slightly more is enough to power most of the pc’s but just in case you have or plan to build a computer with multiple or powerful components; then it’s advisable to buy a case that allows for bigger power supply.


Computers have gradually become part and parcel of our everyday life. As a matter of fact, they have become the center of virtually everything that we do in life and this translates to sedentary lifestyles. Most of us have found ourselves waking up every day to a job that demands that we sit in front of our computers in order to achieve our desired goals. Albeit if this is a description of who you are, you have already identified the fact that the computer is not the problem but the kind of chair that you sit on when working on your computer. Are you constantly having neck pains or low back pains, well this is not a sign of aging.

It is merely an indication that it is high time you get yourself a new computer chair. Getting the best ergonomic computer chair is an activity that can prove to be quite tasking. However, for the sake of good health it is important to ensure that all times whatever you sit on while working on your computer is comfortable enough for you. Getting an ergonomic computer chair is a worth while investment bearing in mind the fact that it can save you a lot of time and money due to back pains and shoulder tension. There are many companies that have dedicated themselves to provide you with the very best of products when it comes to ergonomic computer chairs. Just to mention a few, there are certain chairs that stand out as the very best ergonomic computer chairs in the market. For example; the Embody chair by Herman Miller, the Freedom Task Chair or the Haworth Zody chair.

These three are just amongst the many home or office chairs that can serve the purpose of being an ergonomic computer chair. You might be wondering what is special about this particular chairs. In simple terms, you might not know until you have an individual experience with one of these chairs. It is only after you own one that you will understand what it means to have an ergonomic computer chair.

What to Look for

There are certain aspects of these particular chairs that give it its definition. An adjustable chair is something that you will most definitely love. It is important to get a multi-functional, ergonomic computer chair which enable you to have maximum comfort regardless of your posture. All you need to do is to adjust the tilt of the chair. On the other hand, you cannot compromise on having a well-padded seat and arms rests to go with it. A comfortable backrest with lumbar support are also essential features of a good ergonomic computer chair. To add a touch of convenience, smooth rolling casters are an important component. These go a long way in helping you move around while seated. With these few pointers, you have the upper hand when choosing an ergonomic computer chair.

There is much to appreciate about the functionality of these chairs but essentially what matters most are the positive outcomes of using these chairs. This far you are convinced that an ergonomic computer chair is a fundamental equipment for your day to day use. You cannot live without one on of these chairs.Here is the buying guide on mygameweapon